Canine Hero and Police Dog

Axel the police dog, a recipient of blood from NAVBB.
Axel ready for duty

K9 Police Unit

As many people know, police dogs play an important role in helping assist their police departments. They are essential in helping their local communities stay safe. Meet Axel, a police dog from Tallmadge, Ohio. He is a canine hero to all those he helps to protect and is universally loved in Tallmadge.

One day while on the job, Axel collapsed. His handler, Patrolman Nate Ickes, rushed him to an emergency veterinarian. Axel was scheduled for surgery a few days after his arrival. The vet knew that with the surgery would come significant blood loss. They needed to have the correct blood type close by just in case. They reached out to their closest major blood bank located at Ohio University. Unfortunately, they did not have any blood immediately available. Ohio University referred the request to the North American Veterinary Blood Bank.

Universal Donor

Bo is a canine hero and a member of the emergency blood donor program with NAVBB.
Bo relaxing with his sister in the background

Now meet Bo, a loving greyhound donor with the North American Veterinary Blood Bank. Bo has a universal blood type and has selflessly donated many times. He also is a member of the emergency donor program.

As soon as NAVBB received the request for blood and heard Axel’s story, they called Bo in for an emergency donation. Bo and Axel have a special bond beyond just donated blood. Bo’s dad is a Virginia State Trooper! He was very excited that he and Bo would be a part of helping to save a canine officer.

Canine Hero

Following Bo’s blood donation, NAVBB immediately sent the resulting whole blood to Ohio in preparation for the surgery. Thankfully, we are happy to report that Axel’s surgery went well. Further, thanks to receiving Bo’s blood, he is making a great recovery. We keep him in our thoughts as they await biopsy results, but we are glad to have done our part in providing the life-saving blood product that he needed.