Resilience, Bravery, and love

Resilience, Bravery, and Love SUCCESS STORIES: Hank and Nikita Published March, 2024 By: Samantha Dascomb We have all been seasoned from television and movies to hear that all success looks the same. The hero wins the race. Through struggle and adversity, the suffering overcomes all challenges and we have gleaming sunshine ahead. Think about the … Read more

Canine Hero and Police Dog

K9 Police Unit As many people know, police dogs play an important role in helping assist their police departments. They are essential in helping their local communities stay safe. Meet Axel, a police dog from Tallmadge, Ohio. He is a canine hero to all those he helps to protect and is universally loved in Tallmadge. … Read more

Animal Blood Donor to the Rescue

Over the course of several days, the owners of a young 2-year old dog named Little Bear noticed he had less energy than normal. He just did not seem like his normal self. They rushed him to an emergency vet hospital and it turned out that Little Bear was critically ill. Severely anemic and requiring … Read more