Pet Owners

Blood Donor

Many people wonder why the pet community needs animal blood donors. In fact just like in human medicine, animals experience injuries and illnesses that can require blood transfusions. Some of the reasons why an animal would need a blood transfusion include blood loss, cancer, surgeries or life-threatening infections. Therefore, as the number of pet owners grow, the need for pet blood donors grows as well.

The North American Veterinary Blood Bank was created to help sate this increasing demand for blood for our veterinary patients. To ensure fresh and fully stocked blood, we rely on local pet donors to ensure a steady supply of blood. Animal hospitals rely on us to provide that blood when they need it. Without vital donors, blood supplies run low and veterinary costs increase.

As a result, we need pet owners like you to volunteer. If your pet needed a blood transfusion, you would want them to receive the care they need. Please consider graciously volunteering your dog or cat and be a part of the movement to save a life today.