PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: A Dog’s Day Out (Van Dorn)

Volume 1, 2024. Published January 25, 2024

By: Samantha Dascomb

As a Franchise of A Dog’s Day Out, A Dog’s Day Out (Van Dorn) shares the values of its corporate owned locations, fostering a caring, safe, and loving environment for dogs. The staff of the Van Dorn location exemplifies this and ensures that each dog that comes through their doors is treaded as if the dogs were their own.

With a commitment to dogs and their care, A Dog’s Day Out (Van Dorn) is thrilled to partner with NAVBB. “[It’s] an opportunity for us and our wonderful customers to give back to the dog community that we love,” says Reilly Williams the Assistant Manager at A Dog’s Day Out (Van Dorn). In addition, the partnership has added a health care element to their already vast service offerings.

According to Reilly, “We have been shocked at the number of people that jumped at the opportunity for their pups to save lives. If we put ourselves in the shoes of a family experiencing an emergency, it comforts us to know that there are so many good people in the dog community willing to help.” Reilly knew that there would be a lot of interest among the staff but was unsure how their clients would take to the opportunity. However, she is pleased with the outpouring of support claiming, “Our customers are really an incredible group of people and pups.”

A Dog’s Day Out’s Heroes

Since joining our cause, they have made an amazing contribution to the canine world:


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“We have been happy to discover that the blood donation process can be relaxing for the pups and stress-free for the owners.”

-Reilly Williams, Assistant Manager at A Dog’s Day Out (Van Dorn)

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What you get…

  • The ability to offer a unique health service to your client base.
  • The ability to provide a cost savings on monthly health care preventatives to your pet parents.
  • The opportunity to educate your staff in CPR and First Aid for canines.
  • The ability to save canine lives every month!