Stonehenge Donor Days

Your Dog can be a Hero!

The North American Veterinary Blood Bank is excited to announce that we are expanding into the Richmond community! We are partnering with Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital . This partnership allows us to provide blood more quickly to the greater Richmond area and to better help dogs in our local community.

Dogs can donate blood, just like humans! There is a critical shortage of canine blood across the country. Your dog can help save lives.

Donor Criteria:

Puppy's life saved from a Stonehenge donation.
Puppy receiving a blood transfusion.

Canine Blood Donor Eligibility Requirements

  • Between 1-7 years old
  • Friendly and Sociable
  • Not on any medications for chronic illness
  • Greater than 50 lbs
  • On heartworm, flea and tick preventatives
  • Up to date on Rabies and DHLPP vaccines
  • Has never received a blood transfusion

Donors will receive an annual exam and comprehensive blood work provided free of charge as long as they are regularly donating throughout the year. Dogs are eligible to donate every 4 weeks and we ask that they remain in the program for at least 1 year.

What to Expect:

Your dog will receive a physical exam performed by a veterinarian and a small blood sample will be taken. We will use it to determine your dog’s blood type and to completely screen for any infectious blood diseases.

Upon successful screening, your dog will come in to donate blood, get lots of love and be a life saver. Dogs are eligible to donate every 4 -5 weeks.

How Do I Start?

While it all begins with YOU and your willingness to register your pet, we will never force a pet to be a donor if they display dissatisfaction with the donation procedure. Our goal is to save animal lives and make the process as positive an experience for everyone as possible!

Donate button to sign up at the Stonehenge donation location.

Please click the donate button above to fill out our eligibility form. If your dog is eligible, you will be contacted to schedule a 30 min blood donor screening appointment. Initial screenings and donations will take place at Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital.

Still Have Questions?

Email to learn more!

Lend A Paw, Save A Life