Blood Donor FAQ

Before donating, you almost certainly have some questions about the entire process. Feel free to contact us with any lingering questions or concerns not addressed below.

Do dogs have blood types?
Yes. Just like us, dogs have different blood types. We type for DEA 1 in the US and dogs can either be positive or negative. While DEA 1 negative is the universal blood donor type, 65%+ dogs in the US are DEA 1 positive. We are always in need of both blood types to meet the high demands of emergency and specialty care across the nation.

How often can my dog donate?

Dogs can safely donate blood every four weeks.

We request that every registered blood donor donate monthly unless they are ill, have received an injectable vaccine within the last two weeks, or are on vacation during the time of the monthly blood drive for a minimum of one year to ensure that your pup receives the benefits of the additional veterinary care.

What type of commitment is needed to be part of the blood donor program?

We generally ask for a commitment of 1-2 years.

What are some of the benefits to becoming a donor?

A free full annual exam, free annual blood work and infectious disease screening and the satisfaction of saving countless dogs in need. Plus, you have the knowledge that your pet is a true lifesaving hero (cape not included).

Will I still need routine visits with my primary vet?

Yes. NAVBB is not taking the place of your primary vet. It is important for your pet to stay up to date on preventatives and vaccines. If your pet becomes ill or is placed on medications, you should inform NAVBB.

Does becoming a blood donor change my pet’s lifestyle?

Not at all. Being a blood donor doesn’t change anything about their daily lifestyles. It adds another level of protection to their health with the included benefit of no cost annual blood work and infectious disease screening.

Are there any side effects of donating?

No! This is a pain-free process. The donor will receive treats, affection, and numbing cream to prevent feeling even the small pinch of a needle. We ensure that it is a positive experience.

How long does a donation take?

The donation itself only takes 2-3 minutes. Despite the added time of preparing the donor, you should be in and out of the door quickly. The first visit will take slightly longer, as your pet will receive their physical exam and we will take a small blood sample of their blood to type their blood and run all lab work.

Can I stay with my dog?

We prefer that you are not present since many dogs behave much better when the owner is not around, making the process easier and faster!